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The restoration of this listed building from the beginning of the 20th century, allows the architect to take advantage of the existing architectural heritage, with the rehabilitation of façades and gables including railings, masonry and the main door, as well as the entrance system and the curved roof skylight.

Based on the recoverable elements such as the balconies, the metal frame walkway and the tiles, a project to reinvent the building was elaborated aimed at giving it new life, providing a coherent reading of such elements, both in space and time.



Coordinated by the architects Francisco Pólvora and José Pólvora, the BFJ Arquitectos office was founded in 1998 and is made up of a team of architects who have gathered in each project the support of a number of technicians in the various areas of action – from the different specialties to conservation and restoration, and the study of color.

His work has been distinguished in recent years with the Eugénio dos Santos prize, the Leca prize for construction, the honorable mention in the Korrodi prize, and published in several architectural magazines such as C3, l’ARCA, AV Monographs, among others.


João Appleton and Isabel Domingos formed Atelier Appleton & Domingos Arquitetos in 1999 and has been dedicated to the architectural project area of several types of buildings – public and private facilities, new construction and rehabilitation, prefabricated wooden systems.

His work was worthy of some distinctions such as: Best Private Project at the 2010 Building Awards, IHRU 2012 Award – Housing Building Rehabilitation Variant, finalists at the 2013 Madeira Architecture National Prize – AIMMP, National Urban Rehabilitation Award 2017, among others.


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